10 Tips For Your Old/New Roof

Looking For A Roofing Company?

…then look no further. In this article you’ll get 10 tips on how to improve the condition of your current roof – enjoy!

You must maintain your roof, it is important for housing safety and health. Check therefore taken annually for leaks, cavities for pest and lack of ventilation of the roof space.

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These Are The 10 Tips

1. It is very important that the roof is maintained so that it continues to be tight and intact. Do not hesitate to repair leaks in the roof or replace damaged tiles, roofing sheets or tar paper. Even minor injuries can quickly become large and expensive damage if first moisture gets into the house.

2. Be particularly careful to check for leaks all the places that sticks something up through the roof. For example around chimneys, skylights, vent caps and the gutters and roof valleys (gutters, where two roof surfaces meet), as well as in the places where the roof meets the facade (eaves).

3. If your house has under eaves, check also under the roof for cracks or holes once a year. The rolls must be maintained, for it is leaking, it can cause moisture, rot damages and mold.

4. Be careful to coat and paint your old roof. Old roofs can be fragile, and work can impair the roof’s durability.

5. Be aware that cement roofs from before 1984 contain asbestos and asbestos cement roofs from 1984 to 1988 may contain asbestos. Here, special rules apply if you want cleaned or replaced eaves.

6. Make sure that there is sufficient ventilation and fresh air supply to the roof space. Do not close the vents or put insulation too close to the roof. If the air in the roof space acts dense, heavy and moist, it is an indication that there is too little ventilation in roof.

7. Both rats, stone marten, and mouse liver fine in the roof space. In addition, beetles and husbukke nibbling away in the roof structure. Check and maintenance therefore roof for pests.

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8. You should always consult a counselor or a skilled craftsman, if you must have done something on your existing roof. Especially if you do not have an experienced DIY man. Improper maintenance increases the risk of costly damage in the structure. And if the roof is not done properly fixed to the rest of the house, you risk at worst, that the roof blows off in stormy weather.

9. Check the insulation in the roof space. If there is less than 200 mm insulation, it is usually a good investment to insulate the roof.

10. Do not compromise when it comes to the quality of the materials used for the roof, and at work. The roof is very important for house safety and health.