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SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and is an expression of how visible your website is in search engines. SEO is not made once and for all. It’s a process that never ends if you want to be high in search engines and thus be very visible. It is important to use the words searched for in the text on the website, as well as the fact that META tags are added to the page. Search engine optimization therefore takes place both on and behind.

SEO is an infinite process

There are several types of search engine optimization, and several ways SEO optimizes. Using SEO correctly gives your business a boost. Therefore, a business has developed within this field. Thus, SEO companies, SEO companies and SEO companies are currently specializing in search engine optimization. SEO agencies have dedicated specialists who improve customer placement in search engines every single day. For many companies, it is prudent to let an SEO agency manage their SEO and search traffic because they do not even have the specialists internally to lift the task. Google also regularly changes the algorithm that determines the importance of the different parameters. As a search engine expert, you need to relate to these changes whenever they happen.

Robots review our websites

The site is being reviewed by robots from the search engines regularly. These determine how relevant your site is for specific searches and hence your location in the organic search. 75% of those looking for do not see page 2 in search results. Therefore, the ranking of the search engines is vital to your success.

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SEO consists of text, technology and links
A good text for search engines like Google is optimized against key keywords. Those you’d like to find on Google. Being an SEO text specialist means that you can select and place the most important keywords optimally. In addition, SEO largely consists of technical understanding in the backend so titles and tags work optimally so that Google can read semantically what a website is about. Search engine optimization is also about links. Links should not be added randomly to a website. Search engine optimization is largely about Google easily navigating your site and indexing the pages by relevance. Because both Google and the Internet are a dynamic size, SEO is also. One’s current location in the search engines will always be challenged by new competitors.